Sachin To Replace Salman As The Brand Ambassador For Rio

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-29 05:15:00.0Category:  Personalities
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Last week social media kicked up a storm when the IndianOlympic Association decided to choose Salman Khan as the brand ambassador ofRio Olympics 2016. Several legendary athletes like Milkha Singh expressed theiropinion on the matter arguing that the brand ambassador should be someone fromthe sports community itself.

Many Bollywood actors came out in the open to support Salmantoo, but it seems that Indian Olympic Association is facing a lot of heat fortheir decision. IOA has now approached the God of Cricket, living legend SachinTendulkar to become the brand ambassador. Sachin is a known face and has legionof fans. Choosing him as the brand ambassador will fulfill the IOA's objectiveof taking Olympics to the next level and inspire a new generation of sportsenthusiasts.

Sachin is yet to give an answer, meanwhile it is being saidthat ace composer and Oscar winner A.R. Rehman was also approached to do thehonours. How A.R. Rehman fits the criteria of being a sportsperson is yet to beunderstood, but IOA must have had their reasons.

This is not to say that Salman had no love from the sportscommunity itself. Abhinav Bindra came out to support Khan saying:

If Salman Khan canpromote Olympics, it makes strategic sense. If Salman can actively boost Olympicsports, more power to him. If it is just for a day’s publicity, then it is ofno use.”

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