Serial Puppy Killer Arrested After Month Long Hunt

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-17 09:30:00.0Category:  Crime
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Ever since a CCTV video of a sick serial killer who had been brutally killing stray dogs in South Delhi went viral, police have been on the hunt. Nakul Mishra, 28 year engineer by profession was caught yesterday from his home in Lucknow.

The video was first released in march and quickly went viral on Youtube with canine lovers sharing the shocking video on social media. This led to a man hunt by the Delhi police department. The CCTV footage showed a man stabbing a pupping to death near South Delhi’s Green Park Metro station. The area falls under the Hauz Khan police station and together with an NGO, they declared a cash reward of Rs. 1 lakh to anyone who provides information that would lead to the serial killer's arrest. They were not the only ones to put up the reward, Humane Society International also put up a reward of the same amount on the killer's head.

The blood chilling video shows the man wearing shorts and a t-shirt luring the puppies with food. When the puppies approached him, he stabs it multiple times and tore it into two pieces using a sharp knife. When other puppies and dogs came to the rescued, they were also seriously injured and killed.

The issue picked up space when several animal lovers and more NGOs joined hands in the man hunt. The incident in the footage was not an isolated event. Many people started reporting about pets and street dogs disappearing from their neighborhood. The CCTV footage caught the killer on March 15th, and he was caught one month later on 16th April.

Nakul Mishra was arrested from his house in Lucknow after police did a house search in the locality. The killer later accepted his heinous crimes and said that he was upset and suffering from depression, and took his aggression out on the puppies. The raided the nearby residential areas looking for Nakul, scanned over 1000 tenant forms and questioned around 70 people. His family members supporting his statement said that he is on medication for prolonged depression.

Nakul owned a pet dog who had died a few months ago. Family stresses that the loss of his dog made him violent at times and maybe this is the reason he took his anger out on other dogs.

Source - ToI


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