Smart 8 Year Old Shows Presence Of Mind, Escapes Rape

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-06-01 05:45:00.0Category:  Crime
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An what could have ended in a disaster, a presence of mind shown by an 8 year old girl in New Delhi saved her life. When a rapist abducted her from outside her home to rape her, she pretended to be dead, scared, the accused left her and ran away.

It takes a lot to show presence of mind in the dead of a disaster. An eight year old girl was sleeping outside her cot on the outskirts of Delhi's Kirari district when she was abducted by a youth. The incident took place at around 1:30 am in the morning. When she realized that she has been abducted and away from her home, instead of screaming and pleading for help, she displayed a rare presence of mind you have have expected from a minor of that age in a situation like this. When the youth tried to rape her, she pretended she was literally dead and went completely immobile. Her attacker poked her and pinched her several times to recheck if she was playing dead, but the little girl stayed put. Panicking, the attacker left her for dead and ran away. After few minutes, the girl stood up and ran back home to tell the tale.

The girl was apparently taken to a vacant plot in a nearby lane. It is not uncommon in India in rape minors and then kill them to save themselves from justice. Delhi is already being called the rape capital of India and surprisingly, not much has been achieved by the government or the police to improve the situation. 

We were horrified when my wife spotted blood stains on the bed sheet and, meanwhile, my daughter also started complaining about pain in her lower abdomen and private parts," - Father of the girl.

One suspect has been arrested however the identity of the man in question could not be verified using the footage from the CCTV cameras.Kudos to the girl for showing such strength, presence of mind and courage in the need of hour.

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