Student Suicide Because Of Academics

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“SUICIDE” does this word is appropriate for a student?. I think no. Student life is more precious and important part because most of the challenges, experiences, knowledge are gained in this stage. It is the most glistening moment, once it is passed the time never comes back. The source of earning knowledge vanishes. Though we say there is no full stop for acquiring knowledge but the teenage time is the fruitful one where we are capable of eating as much as fruits we can. But now the question is why suicide? We can look upon various aspects which present the dark side of student’s life.

Now in this contemporary world, where information have become the key to success, where there is a haste to move or to compete with others by receiving valuable information as fast as possible. Parents try to put their children what is convenient on their part but student fails to assimilate it. As a coin has both sides life has also both sides – light and dark. Student work hard to build strong base for their career and they try as hard as possible to make their future bright. But if some student get success some yell over their failures but can’t do anything and at last they commit suicide. Academics become the ultimate reason for these students. If a student is not being able to tackle the situation he goes down under depression and due to which now a day’s more and more numbers of suicides are being committed. 

In schools and colleges, students are getting proper guide, by the time passes education system changes where student found their courses increasing and they have to complete within short period of time. When we talk about academics then we get vivid picture of education system in our country. To make a better country, our country adopts education system from western countries which leads to examination stress which emerge as basic reason for these suicides. Other reasons like depression, fear of failure, fear of exam results and lack of interest in particular courses and many more. Academic stress and loneliness abet children to suicide. How to overcome from these problems?

Students have unbearable feelings of getting confused; even they cannot compete because they cannot meet the minimum skills for that they get frightened, helpless where they want actually to die, to tackle these kinds of feelings proper guide is needed to be given to the students to improve their mental state. A session should be organised by the institution to examine the student’s feelings about the education condition and help them to manage or tackle to overcome these kind of situations. Even parents are nowadays are as much as equally responsible for student suicide. They put burden on their children and children’s get pressure of study and they become intolerable and at last there is a full stop to their journey of life.

Another reason can be given that if we look at the statistics of present situation of committing suicide, it has increased. The reason student don’t get scholarships in due time where they should get. What is the reason for this? Why these problems students are facing? For this also academics is been blamed. The education system should look upon the needs of the student and should give scholarship for higher studies. Recent example can be taken Hyderabad student committed suicide and there are more similar places where we found same reason for committing suicide. 

In country like India even education has been also categorized as a caste in human society. The superior science and below that commerce and after that arts. When a student enters a school parents hope the children to be either a doctor or an engineer. Why the parents don’t think of their child to be a writer or an artist. It is very rare when student get the chance to choose subjects of his own. Every parent forced their children to learn science and as a result he cannot score good as lack of interest in that course and finally commit suicide. It is the education system where lakhs of money are spend to build engineering colleges but not a single institution in made for only arts that we find in western countries like America there are separate schools for arts.  

Well, students should get their fact straight that suicide is not the ultimate solution for every problem. The solution is how you overcome all the obstacles in a peace and calm situation to move towards a brighter future. Success is all about rising your hands towards the sky without looking down. 

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