Swaach Bharat A Responsibility, Not A Duty

By: Natasha Mahesh, 2016-04-20 04:30:00.0Category:  People's Voice
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Swaach Bharath Abhiyan is becoming an important movement which aims to create a Clean India. The time has come to devote ourselves towards 'Swachchhata' (cleanliness) of our motherland. It is expected than educated individuals would promote this important movement. But a Facebook group called Proud to be Indian had posted about an incident where two educated individuals were caught breaking the Delhi Metro rules of eating food inside the compartment and refused to stop. Even though the anonymous reporter stopped them, the individuals argued, "We have bought tickets and hence can do whatever we want." According to the reporter no one  in the compartment had raised any objection. The two individuals not only continued to eat food but they also dropped food on the floor and spilled sauce and boarded off the metro. The motive of the post was to remind people why should educated people follow such "uncouth" behavior. How do we stop such kind of attitude? Does buying a ticket give us the right to break the rules while using public property. Certainly not! Hence, we should make sure such incidents should not occur in the future. The public should also encourage it's strangers to be part of the Swaach Bharath Abhiyan movement and respect it's public property. Hopefully, if everyone starts to keep their surroundings clean, the vision of ‘Clean India’ by October 2, 2019 (the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) will be accomplished.

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