Taher Shah Is Back, This Time With An Angel!

By: Nikita Manot, 2016-04-12 03:00:00.0Category:  Issues & Concerns
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Have you seen it too? Is your time line flooded with the 'Angelic sensation' Tehar Shah as well? Are you alright?  Well Taher Shah the self proclaimed singer who shot to fame on the internet with his song 'Eye to Eye' has released yet another song Angel. 

Ever since his videos were released, the internet was taken by storm .Social media was flooded with memes on him. People went all out to make fun of this self proclaimed multi talented man.#TaherShah has been trending on twitter ever since.And then what happens when Taher Shah dedicates his World Records title Certificates to his country Pakistan? Well people go ahead and say they are glad to know that Pakistan is now being known for something else other than terrorism. The man kind angel dressed in a purple robe has more than 44,000 followers on twitter and he requests his fans to keep on loving him so that he keeps entertaining them.And just when you think you had enough of him, Boom!  the man surprises you with his very own website and blog. The website says,'He is multi talented and has a charismatic personality besides being a singer, actor, writer, Lyricist, Producer & director he is also a successful businessman'.  This man is definitely blessed and has it all.

Like him, Hate him but you just can not ignore him. This long haired man is here for good.Watch out! 


Image Source : Twitter 

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