The Last Journey Of Veenu Paliwal

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Who is Veenu Paliwal?

Veenu Paliwal was a famous Indian motor biker from Jaipur. Her enthusiasm for bikes had earned her the nick name of "Lady of Harley" .Veenu, the only woman biker of Jaipur was the first Indian woman to ride a Harley Davidson bike at 180 Km/h. She was passionate about biking since childhood. Her father was the major reason for her love for bikes. Paliwal had two kids and had divorced her husband because he did not understand her love for bikes. She was also a very successful entrepreneur and owned a lounge called Chai Bar in Rajasthan.She was recently conferred the Lady of Harley honor which is elected by members of the Harley Owners’ Group.  

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How did she die?

Paliwal was on a 21-day nationwide tour which was a Harley Davidson sponsored tour. According to the tour details she had to cover all Hardley Davidson dealerships in India. Her journey came to an end when she lost control of her Harley Davidson and skid off a road near Gyaraspur about 100 km from Bhopal.It was an accident-prone curve. She was rushed to the Gyaraspur primary health center where her condition worsened.After which she was moved to the Vidisha district hospital but the doctors declared her dead on arrival. According to autopsy reports she had several internal injuries and died as her liver burst. 


A tearful farewell to the 'Lady of Harley'

It was a difficult time for a lot of her followers.She was an inspiration to many. After her death a lot of people on twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook paid their tributes to the wonder woman of India. Her last rights were performed in Rajasthan, where hundreds of people came to pay their last respect to Veenu. 

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