This Sabziwali From Indore Makes Sure You Eat Your Vegetables Fresh!

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Varuna Bhambani is pursuing engineering in her third year of college. She started SaralHai in her first year of college.  In 2015, there was no company like Grofers or Peppertap in Indore. In February 2015, SaralHai started with household delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables and in July 2015 they started off with delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to restaurants and cafes. 

Tell us a bit about your background?
I started off with SaralHai when I was in first year of college. My mother has been a great supporter during my journey of SaralHai. While my father has not been supportive because he doesn't really think that what I am doing right now will be of any use in the future. I also teach German and I am doing advance level of German. My mother is a French and a Spanish teacher, so from there I got the interest of learning languages. Besides this I have been the management board member of  AIESEC in Indore. I have been campus ambassador for IIT Kharagpur. In addition, I have been a mentor  at The Genius, a class for students from nursery to 12 to flourish their communication skills.  

How did you start your career and where are you now?
I started my business in first year of college with my partner, Archit Jain who is a college dropout.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
While we were in first year we wanted to do something new besides going to college and partying with friends. In 2015 there was no company like Grofers. So we thought just like how people used to get milk or newspapers to their doorstep,  why not we deliver fruits and vegetables to them. In February 2015, we started with household delivery and in July 2015 we started off with delivering to restaurants and cafes.

What is unique about your business?
We launched SaralHai Cash Cards which is a win win situation for cafes and customers. Saral Cash card booklet is a simple and a genius to bring cafes, restaurants and customers close to each other.  We have cash card booklet in which we have coupons of certain denominations. For example, if you buy a booklet worth 1000 rupees, Saral Hai will sell it for 700 rupees. Hence you get a 30% discount.  This gives consumers to cherish great discounts at many food outlets.

How do you advertise your business?
We started of with human to human marketing. We have done various internship programs in various colleges including IITs. We have also done social media marketing and guerrilla marketing.

To what do you attribute your success?
I think that most of the credit goes to my co-founder Archit Jain and my core team member Devashish Aildasani. Also my mother who has always been there to support my hard work.

What made you choose your current location? Do you have exposure in working in other cities or countries other than Delhi-NCR?
Since, I am a college student and studying in Indore, it was the only option that I was left with. Archit is going to other places like Mumbai to study market.

What are the obstacles did you face in your venture?
While I used to market my product I used to face a lot of  male chauvinism. Due to my young age, people use to disregard that I might not add value of what I'm offering. Also there was not much family support initially. Besides that, I feel that college has been a big hinderance. Managing attendance, grades and business is very difficult.

What are the challenges you face being a female entrepreneur?
Like I said male chauvinism I faced while working on the field. I feel men need to be empowered where a man should accept the fact that it is fine if a female member is earning more than him.

What are your strengths and weakness?
I think SaralHai is the one thing that breaks me and one thing that strengthens me. Any success that I get in SaralHai strengthens me and anything that goes wrong in SaralHai weakens me. My Co-founder's support is one thing which I have got every time I have asked for.

Do you have any regrets while pursuing your venture?
The only regret is that I'm still pursuing my education. It's good that I started early. But I'm taking baby steps just due to the fact I'm still in college.

Do you think you have been successful in your venture?
There are miles to go. I'm not really satisfied. I feel a fully satisfied person is someone who has already failed. So why be satisfied, right?

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Start as early as early as possible. Don't listen to any Sharma Aunty or Verma uncle who will taunt you for not having job security. Choose your co-founders wisely and do not take someone from the family or someone you know from childhood. Keep your professional and personal life separate.

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