TIPPING POINT 1.0: Aims To Showcase The Best Of Women Entrepreneurs In India

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Global Women Network (GWN) and KarmaCircles (KC) present Tipping Point 1.0, which aims at showcasing the best of women entrepreneurs in India. Tipping Point will provide extensive visibility & mentorship to the women entrepreneurs during the process and give them opportunity to pitch their products/businesses through a series of competitive rounds. Tipping point will bring together all the stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem i.e. start-ups, mentors, investors, and the customers (in the form of the active audience).

Tipping point aims to be a catalytic point in every woman's life who has set on the path of entrepreneurship - be it technologically-abled or social or traditional businesses. The event is an amalgamation of investors investing virtually in start-ups, mentors providing guidance and customers vouching via voting.

The first round of application process begins in the first week of November and second round begins in mid-November. To apply in second round, applicants will be required to pay a nominal fee. Around 30 startups will make it to the third round, which will be a month-long mentorship program including 4 day-long mentoring sessions on how to make impactful pitches and guidance to move towards the 'Tipping Point' of their ventures. All second round applicants will be eligible to attend those sessions and the selected third round applicants will get individual mentoring sessions.

During this month, all the selected entrepreneurs will be creating their pitch videos and they will also be profiled by our partners such as Sheroes, etc. Next round will comprise investors virtually putting money in these startups and audience vouching for their favorite startups via voting. Post this, 10 of these entrepreneurs will move to the last round.

The final competition will be held in Delhi in January end and attended by thousands of people including start-ups, investors and mentors across India. Based on the results in the final competition, there will be several prizes for startups, audience, investors and mentors. Tipping Point 1.0 will be an excellent platform for everyone to showcase their support and commitment to women entrepreneurship.


FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CONTACT readytotip@gmail.com


About Global Women Network

Global Women Network is an initiative " for women, by women"  with a vision of empowering women globally!

We are a network of women entrepreneurs, professionals and homemakers. Global Women Network firmly believes that empowerment can solely be brought about by right knowledge through right trainings. Global women network is dedicated to support, training, mentoring and promotion of women entrepreneurs and strive to be the 'go to resource' for business success, connections, advice and education and just about everything in between. No matter what stage of entrepreneurship you are in, GWN aspires to help you to achieve success in business.

About KarmaCircles

KarmaCircles makes it easier for skilled professionals to give and receive advice for free. The platform allows anyone to be a mentor or a mentee depending upon the skills and knowledge. The mobile-first platform allows professionals to send a request for a meeting, schedule, interact and thank other professionals for helping through a Karma Note (aka thank you note). Anyone on the platform can be a giver or receiver of help – the platform fosters a give and receive culture. On the platform, a receiver can request for help with dignity and on the other hand, a giver can either politely decline or extend a helping hand based on their availability, expertise and preference. KarmaCircles also helps you build your online reputation based on the amount of help you give and you can leverage it whenever you need help yourself.

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