Towards A New India: God Is Science

By: Ashok Tyagi, 2016-10-12 01:30:33.0Category:  People's Voice
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Presently we are passing through the most challenging phase of human history. On one hand we have the marvels of science and technology topped by the Internet, which promise a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and on the other hand we have bigots of religion and theology who are threatening the continuation of life itself. Are we going to support science and technology and ensure a golden future for ourselves or are we going to cling to our outdated faiths and commit global suicide?

We can only evade this question by behaving like an ostrich but even that cannot prevent our impending doom. We can only prevent our doom by coming out of the slumber that our faiths have put us into. By awakening our consciousness, by questioning everything that our faiths have lulled us into believing as the gospel truth.

We are born into this world as a coincidence and do not remember where we were before we were born. Therefore most likely we will not remember our present life even if we continue to exist as some alternative form of life after we die. Therefore our whole energy must be focused on the present moment and our only goal should be to make life as free, as fulfilling and as enjoyable as possible. We human beings have been on this Earth for one million years but it is only now in the 21st Century that we are capable of giving ourselves freedom, fulfillment, enjoyment and longevity.

Our life in jungle was like hell. We were the weakest species surrounded by the most ferocious animals but somehow we survived. Then we discovered agriculture around ten thousand years ago and started grazing animals and tilling fields. We built villages and cities. Gave birth to civilization, which was a movement away from the jungle and its ways of living. But even two thousand five hundred years ago the first Nobel truth of Buddha was – Life is sorrow. But today if you are living in an air-conditioned house, driving an air-conditioned car, working in an air-conditioned office on an Apple laptop and having a data-packed i-phone in your fist, is life still sorrow?

For the first time in the million-year-old story of man life has ceased to be sorrow. There is medical science to take care of our health and longevity. There are airplanes to cover long distances. There are air-conditioned trains like Rajdhanis and Shatabdis for inter-city travel and Olas and Metros for intra-city travel. People have four wheelers and two wheelers. The streets are always jammed. The mobile in our hands is like the Aladin ka chirag. But until very recently life was sorrow and various religions emerged promising deliverence from sorrow. They all promised deliverance from sorrow but after death and even for that conditions applied. These conditions included what God we will worship, where we will worship, how we will worship, when we will worship. We called these conditions our religion and we were asked to be prepared to lay down our lives anytime for the sake of our religion.

Millions of lives were laid. Billions of sacrifices were made. But life remained sorrow. No body returned after dying to tell us what heaven – liberation from sorrow – looked like. God knows who worshipped the real God and who worshipped the false God but finally liberation from sorrow came. Not from God but from Science. Till today nobody worships science but it goes on showering its blessings on us through technological improvement. If we wish to enjoy these blessings then we have to start looking at science as the arm of God.

As God is formless therefore to bless this world of form He has to assume a form and Science is that form. Science comprises of eternal principles governing this world of form and technology is the application of those principles to create devices that make human life comfortable and enjoyable. Science as pure knowledge is invisible but through technology becomes visible. Science thus fulfils our religious belief that God is formless yet governs the world of form. When we will realize that Science is the God we have been worshipping then our differences will dissolve, as there is only one science. There is no Hindu science, no Muslim science, no Christian science and no Sikh science because science is universal. When we will hear hearing Science is Great when we utter God is Great then only we shall become recipients of His blessings.

The whole world as a global village has to prevail upon the people behind organizations like IS and Al Qaeda and make them realize that the Almighty Allah does not need ants like them to defend Himself or His Religion [Technology]. These organizations market the utopia that can be reached by regressing into the 7th Century but themselves instead of riding on camels ride in planes, instead of fighting with swords fight with missiles and stenguns, instead of sending messages by pigeons send messages through the internet! Look at the hypocrisy of these saviors of God! These guys have been successful so far because they manipulate our egos. All of us have inflated egos. Islam inflates Muslim egos. Hindutva inflates Hindu egos. Christianity inflates Christian egos. Khalsa inflates Sikh egos. But how have we forgotten the foundation of our religions – that Only God exists. When only God exists then why are we coming into existence with our inflated egos? Don't we remember that ego is the most favorite food of God?

When we will come out of our egos, our pseudo identities then we will discover our universality. When we will discover the universe within ourselves we will also discover that this universe is governed by eternal principles collectively addressed as science.

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