Uncle Shots 2 Year Old Nephew To Death

By: Nikita Manot, 2016-02-20 02:00:00.0Category:  Crime
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A two-year-old child was shot by his uncle in the early hours of Friday. The child was sleeping beside his father when his uncle barged in and shot him to death in Madipur. The incident happened because the accused was angry at being slapped by the child's father in a courtroom. Both the child's father and uncle are accused in petty crimes. Around 2am, the accused Vinod barged into his brother's in Madipur and had an argument with him. Vinod was drunk so his brother asked him to come in the morning but while leaving, Vinod fired through the window of the ground floor house and fled.The bullet hit the boy, Yash on his head.The boy was declared brought dead at DDU hospital.

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