Virat Kohli & Team India Vs. West Indies - The Situation

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-03-30 09:45:00.0Category:  Personalities
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Virat Kohli has been called many things lately with Shahid Afridi comparing him to the greatness of Sachin Tendulkar, and how he has now become the wall for the Indian Cricket team winning them match after match. Though he is not the first one to compare him to the little master, he will certainly be not the last either.Virat showed his superhuman strength last week when he demolished the Australian bowling line up almost single handedly. MS Dhoni helped with runs between the wickets and got to hit the winning shot at the end which as Harsha Bhogle rightly noticed – It's always MS at the end.This is not the first time that Kohli has proved his mettle. He had his captain by his side who is known for his out of box thinking and tactics, and he was in form. But that is not always the case and what happens when he is dismissed early against West Indies this Thursday? Let us take a look at some stats here.Rohit Sharma has scored 45 runs while Shikhar Dhawan only 43, yesteryear star performer Yuvraj Singh got as far as 51 before he was injured against Australia while even Raina also could not cross 41. Virat Kohli on the other hand has scored 184 runs at the rate of 92. Virat has single handedly scored more runs than the rest of the team put together and that is saying something. But instead of being happy about his success, should we not be more concerned about the team's success or rather in this case – failure.India scored a paltry 79 against New Zealand when Kohli got dismissed early in the game. This is like watching Sachin all over again. The days when India relied heavily on his batting genius and once he got out early, the whole team would collapse. Maybe this is another reason why Kohil is compared with the legend. Not only he performs like him, he is also having the same effect on the team as once Sachin had. India depending heavily on Kohli can prove fatal, something we all now understand. So where does this leaves MS Dhoni?West Indies, despite their loss against Afghanistan has been playing more like a team rather than piggybacking on the back of a player who is on the verge of becoming a legend. None of their players are injured and when they did lose against Afghanistan, it didn’t matter because they were already in the semis. Maybe this was a strategy where they wanted their players rest rather than waste energy unnecessarily.The India vs. West Indies will take place in amchi Mumbai at the Wankhede stadium which is known to be a fast pitch, whereas Indians prefer a slower one. This can pose another problem because apart from Kohli, the top order has failed to impress as of yet, a point which can dismantle the unit and put pressure on Kohli to chase another victory. While Yuvraj is recovering from his injury, Gayle seems to be enjoying his stay at Mumbai and went to meet the superstar Amitabh Bachcan at his residence. Gayle after all is Gayle, unpredictable and more on the attacking side. MS Dhoni once noted that without Kohli, India is at 65%. Guess he saw this coming long before we did and maybe that’s why he is such a great captain. Ability to anticipate things before they happen is a quality every great leader had, the only question remains is whether Dhoni is able to come up with a backup plan in case Kohli fails…

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