Vishwaguru Trust Helps In Promoting Modi's Ideologies Globally

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Vishwaguru Sthapna Trust which believes in the philosophy of vasudeva kutumbakam which means 'world is one'. The trust is working towards creating a peaceful society across countries and continents with equal distribution of resources and opportunities. Hocalwire interviewed Trustee and Global president Mr Kiran M Gosavi to learn more about their vision and future plans. The trust actively plans to promote swachh bharat, spirituality and tourism, empower women, train unskilled workers and create more jobs.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have done my engineering from Pune in the year 2000. I was working for media houses which was related to printing. I shifted to Nigeria in 2008 and have been living there I work as a vice president of overseas friends of BJP for Nigeria. We are working with a positive approach in society. I am also part of the International Anti Terrorism movement and Global Human Rights commission for Nigeria.

How was your experience in Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Bangalore?

It was a memorable experience. I met people whom I had connected years ago on social media for the first time. I also met some people from our trust for the first time. We talked about the social activities each person is doing in their countries for the Indian community and the locals. Another important announcement was that the government introduced was Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojna" which will go a long way in serving India as well as world and have potential to eradicate unemployment. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is a global platform for exchange of ideas about global trends. It is essential that goverment Identify the potential of each NRI and use their potential accordingly.

What services are you providing at the moment?

We want to work as information gateway and facilitator for the underprivileged, illiterate and unemployed sections of the society so that their be equal distribution of resources and opportunities. We wish to work for global brotherhood and integration of communities and ensure more Indian share in global economy. We have opened chapters in four countries. We are to build young Leadership in India and abroad and you will be surprised to know we have this policy that a person above the age of 45 will not have a executive post. we also have chapters in Maharashtra and Karnataka. We might have chapter in Delhi in next six months. We don't want to rush and wish to chose people on their professional skills like IITians, IIMs, engineers, doctors entrepreneurs, media persons, and from chambers of commerce trade and industry and with integrity and commitment. Our main aim is to bring economic revolution for the benefits of society and world. We provide information on trade, industry, service, technology, skill to benefit of people of both countries. We are planning events for more people to people contacts and B2B opportunity.

Has there been any successful events?

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is the first event in which we participated and our team gave information to visiting NRIs foreign delegates. B2B Hall was a great success and our efforts were hugely appreciated. A list was made of prospective investors who sought information.

How has the government responded to your trust?

There is nothing official yet, though we have met many official and approached ministries which have appreciated the effort. Our unique selling point is we completely rule out negativity and pick what is positive and work on that. 'Reform Perform Transform', the slogan of our PM is our work culture.

What are your future plans?

We have our website on line with name which is under construction. We want to work with like minded people and invite NGOs which really means business in India and abroad to collaborate with us in organising events. We are in touch with Sewa International to provide a helpline for NRIs especially for old age parents with their children living abroad.

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