'Vista-giri: Relive Your Bachpan' At Shipra Krishna Vista

By: Srikrishna Bedbak, 2016-04-24 07:30:00.0Category:  Events
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Who hasn't wished, at least once, they could get their childhood days back? What if you indeed got a chance to relive it? Well, today morning, the residents of Shipra Krishna Vista got their chance. They woke up to 'Vista-giri: Relive your bachpan', an event inspired by the popular Rahgiri concept. Scores of Vistaites participated in activities that began with a warm-up session of Yoga & Zumba. This was followed by fun games like dodge ball, dog and the bone, and Frisbee. Kabaddi was a hot favorite amongst both kids and grown-ups, while kho - kho had the men and women running like pros. Seven stones stacked together brought forgotten games like pithu to life. Tiny feet ran across the playground, holding hands and chasing others in a game of 'chain'. A tug-of-war session saw the women's team trouncing the men's. Children claimed tug-of-war as the coolest activity that morning. Kavita Rawat lead the fun-filled Zumba session, Harish (gym instructor) and the Yoga teacher encouraged everyone to bend, stretch and sweat it out. A brainchild of few residents like Ananth Sheel and Rajat, this event saw enthusiastic participation from several others  including Mayuri, Radhika Chopra, Akhila, Shivani, Nasheeta, Surendar Tiwari, Susheel Srivastava etc. Residents are now eager to make Vistagiri a regular affair at their Society.

Here is what participants of Vista-giri: Relive your bachpan' said about the event:

"It was great and healthy fun to get up early and enjoy with all residents" , said Nasheeta

"It was an entertaining event. Enjoyed a lot playing old games like kabaddi, kho kho etc. with kids and other society members" ~ Shivani

"It was a good initiative by the team. It was nostalgic to remember our childhood days.  It was great fun and people enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Looking forward to more such events."~ Surender Tiwari

"This inaugural Vistagiri refreshed in me the memories of my childhood which had somewhere got lost during these few years of my higher studies."~Shreyas

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