Waste Segregation, A Step Towards Cleaner India.

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What is Waste Segregation? 

Waste Segregation is separating the trash into non-recyclable, recyclable and biodegradable  groups. It basically means dividing the waste into wet and dry waste. Wet waste which is biodegradable in nature includes waste of plant and animal origin,cooked and uncooked foods,flower and food waste,animal litter,etc. Dry waste which can be recycled includes  newspapers, books, paper, cardboards,glass, metals,furniture, wires,etc. 

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Why is Waste Segregation important?

1.If waste is not separated properly,it will be dumped at the landfills.Thus polluting the land and soil near by. Also after a period of time the landfill will leak resulting in toxic

substances at the bottom which can release explosive methane gas that leads

to climate change, extreme climates and droughts. 

2.If not disposed properly, hazardous items in the trash bins such as batteries or electronics are dangerous to your health.

3. Segregation protects the health of the rag pickers as well.Rag pickers put their hands into the waste to clean it up.While doing so they may cut their hands which further leads to various infections, affecting the rag picker’s health. 

4.Waste segregation makes recycling an easier and achievable task.Many parts of the waste can thus be reused for various purposes. 

5. Waste Segregation helps in protecting the environment. it helps in reducing pollution.

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How can you begin?

1.Start segregating the waste at home.

2.Use two separate bins.One for wet waste and the other for dry waste.

Go ahead segregate waste for a clean and safe environment.

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