West Indies Wins 3 World Cups In A Single Year, Bravo Guys

By: Gaurav Bidasaria, 2016-04-04 18:30:00.0Category:  Events
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They say action speaks louder than words and West Indies has a point to prove. This is for all those who thought West Indies cricket was dying. They won the under 19 world cup, they won the women's Twenty20 World Cup and now they have won the Men's Twenty20 World Cup too. What's more - they did it in style both on the pitch and off the pitch… DJ Bravo style.

Fans had long given up hope when West Indies needed 19 runs of 6 balls. A feat as Gavaskar rightly said "Only Kapil Dev could have done it." Carlos Brathwaite must have paid attention because he knocked not one but 4 sixes in 4 balls to win his country the third World Cup in a single year - a feat no other team has achieved yet. Bravo guys.

They did it style alright, but this is what we are talking about on pitch. DJ Bravo's Champion song had already become a hit with the fans and after victory; there was no stopping these guys from breaking into a dance not only on the field, but in the kitchens too. They sure know how to celebrate alright. You would think Gayle would miss this opportunity to show his skills? You must be living under a rock then.

But it is not just the 4 sixes that he hit off that bat that makes it so special, Yuvraj Singh once hit 6 sixes in an over and that too became history. But it is performing like a true champion in the World Cup finals last over when your team really needs you is what makes it so commendable. Imagine the pressure and the responsibility on your shoulder when the world is watching with baited breath!

Their recent win at Bangladesh in the under 19 World Cup was nothing short of unexpected. But then it seems these guys are determined to train us to expect the unexpected. The women equally shared the burden and came out victorious when they successfully chased Australia's challenge of a total.

But it was not all sunshine and rainbows for them, especially for the last few years. Several tours were canceled, internal disputes that became more public than necessary, several contracts negotiated and then renegotiated, the press on their toes and fans frowning in dismay. But biggest and the most powerful thing about time is that it changes. This is West Indies time to shine and there is no doubt about it.

They have showed their mettle in all formats across all sexes and ages if you will. You just can't ignore them and help but praise their efforts. I imagine parties are being thrown around the country celebrating their victory dancing on the Champion song. It looks like nothing could go wrong. Like fate written in rock and a song to cement their last words – Champions.

West Indies won and India lost because unlike India who was heavily depending on the genius of one man, Kohli and his trusty captain, West Indies played more like a team, except for maybe the finals where Gayle and party performed in less than their usual levels. It was a team effort overall throughout the tournament. This is what we feared earlier when I talked about India depending too heavily on Kohli, and they paid the price in the semis.

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