What To Expect From The New Jungle Book Movie

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The star of everyone?s childhood who breeds on adventure and fantasy�is back to capture your heart. The trailer of Disney?s live action, ?The Jungle book,? was released in India on Friday. The film raking in over Rs.10 crore ($1.5 million) nett on the opening day itself in India. According to a statement on behalf of the makers,�the English and Hindi versions of the film brought in Rs.10.09 crore. Also,�the Indian censor board has given it a U/A certificate, which means children will not be able to watch the movie without adult supervision. This rating is apparently due to how real and scary the effects are.

Here's what to look forward too in the movie:

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)�Effects:Jon Favreau's�The Jungle Book�has forever changed the way CGI and real world settings will be integrated in film.�For the first time the movie attempts to blend CGI elements with an actor and physical setting, the computer generated aspects of the film aren't distracting. After the first ten minutes or so, it doesn't even feel like there are CGI characters.�Since so much of this movie is CGI, the voice acting cast was instrumental in making it as successful as it turned out to be. That means quite a bit of studio time, working with screens in front of them to nail the menacing or mischievous tone of their character.

Voice Work:Paired with an A-list group of actors who are perfectly cast as the animals they're voicing,�The Jungle Book�is an enthralling and�illuminating experience.�Johansson, Murray, Elba and Christopher Walken (who plays the giant orangutan King Louie) breathe life into the movie that other actors may not have been able to capture, and part of that credit is rightfully deserved by director Jon Favreau.


Scary scenes:The Jungle Book�has redefined what CGI can do for a movie. But�Favreau's�Jungle Book�is a much scarier adaptation than the previous animated�Jungle Book�from 1967. There are quite a few moments that get the heart pumping, and while you won't jump in your seat from any of the darker, violent scenes, there's definitely a sense that this movie wasn't made for children in the same way the former Disney cartoon film was. The Indian censor board has given it a U/A certificate, which means children will not be able to watch the movie without adult supervision.

Neel Sethi's�Performance: Young Neel�Sethi, who played the young Mowgli, is the only human in this movie.�He's the one that people are going to connect with and, as both the hero and a young child, he's the character you want to root for the most. He manages to not only portray the character extremely well, but even adds his own charming take.�Sethi was only 11 or 12 when the movie was being shot.

Jungle Books' Songs:The only issue the film faces is its decision to include two songs from the original 1967 version.�"The Bare Necessities" and "I Wanna Be Like You" both make appearances in the movie. Although�they're done with a wink, they feel totally out of place both times, especially the latter.

Hindi Version:

  • Music:�If you are a kid who grew up in the 90?s in India and are missing the ?Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai? track, Disney took care of that too with this new-age anthem.
  • Voice Artists:��In the Hindi version, Priyanka voices Kaa, the python, Irrfan has lent his voice to the friendly bear Baloo, Shefali Shah has dubbed for Raksha, the wolf and veteran actor Om Puri has lent his voice to Bagheera, the Black Panther. Nana Patekar has once again lent his voice to Shere Khan, which he had dubbed for the fearsome tiger in the animated series, Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli, that was aired on Doordarshan in the early 90s.

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