Why We Need Salman Khan As Olympic Brand Ambassador

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Ever since Salman Khan was named as the brand ambassador for the Rio Olympics 2016, a lot of has been said and done about the matter. Now an online petition has been filed at change.org by Aishwarya Rai.

Even as Salman Khan is preparing for his next movie Sultan under the Yashraj banners, the actor has found himself yet again in controversy. The Indian Olympic Association recently named the Dabangg actor as the brand ambassador of the Rio Olympics 2016. The announcement was made in the presence of some of the most well-known athletes that will be representing India such as MC Mary Kom (pro boxer) and Sardar Singh (Hockey team captain).

Clearly the Indian Olympic Association members were thinking about making the sport more visible and more popular by bringing in the star power of Salman Khan. It was a good strategy too because this would mean more sponsors, until it turned around to bite them instead.

Salman Khan, who is notoriously famous for hunting near extinct animals, hit and run case as well as a his many alleged love affairs, once again found himself surrounded by a controversy that shook the social media world in the wee hours of Tuesday.

While Salman Khan looked honoured and humble about the decision saying that:

“I am honoured that Indian Olympic Association has chosen me as the goodwill ambassador for the Indian contingent for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The social media on the hand believed that the brand ambassador should be someone who is a real life hero and an example for others to follow. However former Olympians Milkha Singh and Yogeshwar Dutt came out in the open criticizing the decision saying that a fellow sports person was more suitable for the job. He added that he had nothing personal against Salman Khan.

“I am of the view that our sportspersons — be those from shooting, athletics, volleyball or other sports — are the real ambassadors of India who would represent the country in the Olympics. Still, if we had to pick an ambassador, it could have been from the sporting arena,” the 85-year-old legend told PTI.

Yogeshwar Dutt on the other hand said that - 

coach saab! Log ko filmy & asli jeevan ka fark samjhna chahiye. Ambassador ke liye asli life ki chavi chahiye.

Some celebrities from Bollywood were also caught in the line of fire with the paparazzi catching up to former alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif asking her opinion on the matter. For once, Katrina showed her more candid side and said - 

Salman ko leke controversy hai woh naya cheez hai kya?

Katrina is well aware of her former lover's reputation for controversies and though she had obviously heard about the furore, she refused to comment further on the actual situation, the members' decision to choose Salman as brand ambassador and the fans' reaction.

The whole story took an interesting turn when a petition was filed at change.org by Aishwarya Rai, Aishwarya, often named as one of the most beautiful woman in the world was once in a relationship with Salman that was much publicized and talked about. However the air was quickly cleared as the girl in question only shares her name with the actress. The petition has been filed by another Aishwarya Rai. That must have come as a relief to the superstar. The petition has so far 236 supporters at the time of writing this story.

The petition goes on in detail on why Salman Khan should not be appointed as the official brand ambassador of the Rio Olympics citing him as a serial woman hater, abuser, animal hunter, a threat to society and human life and his alleged support for terrorist groups.

The Indian Olympic Association were probably trying to bring some glamour to the sports like other film stars did to the IPL and Tennis which quickly became a cash cow the whole nation is milking. But their decision to rope in Salman Khan has gone wrong with the star athletes who want one of their own on the front cover. 

Salman Khan on the other hand is no stranger to controversies and more often than not, he was partially responsible for his own acts. But this time it seems that it was just fate. He did not asked for it but his past records and reputation quickly caught up with him... again. So the questions still remains - Why do we need Salman Khan as the brand ambassador of the Rio Olympics 2016? Because he is a far better known face than any of his contemporaries. Like him or hate him, he has the star power and the fan base to single handedly build a fan following for the Olympics too. Something that respected fellow sports persons may or may not be able to achieve. It is a known fact that Olympian athletes are not as well paid as cricketers or tennis stars. It is not a glamorous sports... yet. Salman Khan has the power to change all that and more which will ultimately benefit the athletes. Maybe this is what it means being Salman Khan.

So what do you think? Do you think the dabangg actor can change the fortunes of Olympians and make the sport more loved in a country that worships cricket? Do you think more sponsors will follow with Salman Khan's face on the poster? Let us know your thoughts below.

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